Friday, December 20, 2013

Vaping: Positive or Negative?

Do you think vaping is better than cigarettes? There have been many different opinions on vaping vs. smoking. Vaping is such a new thing, and there is not enough research to see if vaping is really better than smoking cigarettes. Do you consider vaping smoking? It is essentially water vapor. But I believe that vaping with nicotine can be harmful for the lungs. I guess we have to wait and see if vaping has any negative effects on the body. 

Today the New York City Council approved an ordinance that prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in all the places where smoking is prohibited, which is pretty much everywhere except private residences and some outdoor locations (not parks, though!). The ban takes effect in four months, although business owners will have another six months to post “No Vaping” signs.

Why did the city council decide to treat vaping like smoking? Not because e-cigarettes, which contain no tobacco and produce no smoke, pose a hazard to bystanders, which is the usual excuse for smoking bans, but because they look too much like regular cigarettes. 
Similarly, Councilman James Gennaro, the ban’s main sponsor, worries that e-cigarettes’ superficial resemblance to the tobacco-burning variety will confuse children, undermining decades of education aimed at convincing the nation’s youth that smoking is dangerous and totally uncool. While these explanations are utterly implausible, they do reflect the true, subrational motivation of e-cigarette prohibitionists: They are appalled by this product because the battery-powered devices remind them of the real thing, triggering all the emotions of disgust, contempt, and self-righteousness they associate with smoking.
Yet it is this very same resemblance that makes e-cigarettes such a promising harm-reduction tool, one that mimics smoking while delivering nicotine to the lungs without the myriad toxins and carcinogens generated by tobacco combustion. Hence anyone concerned about the health effects of smoking should welcome this product. But for control freaks like Quinn and Gennaro, the cigarette form has become such a powerful symbol of evil that they have lost sight of the health-based rationale for their opposition to smoking, the upshot being that they support a policy that’s apt to result in more tobacco-related disease and death, the opposite of their ostensible goal.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Sleep is constantly a problem to many people. It is the problem that keeps people from functioning everyday and doing everyday tasks. When it is difficult to sleep at night, the frustrations carry on the next morning because you didn't have enough sleep to function during the day. Many people turn to medicines and different remedies to help them sleep. Sometimes the best way to sleep are the simplest. Check out this product that was featured on Dr.Oz Guna Sleep. It is suppose to help those who have a hard time falling asleep. It does not work for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Sleep is one of the great mysteries of life. Like gravity or the quantum field, we still don't understand exactly why we sleep—although we are learning more about it every day.
We do know, however, that good sleep is one of the cornerstones of health.
Six to eight hours per night seems to be the optimal amount of sleep for most adults, and too much or too little can have adverse effects on your health.
Sleep deprivation is such a chronic condition these days that you might not even realize you suffer from it. Science has now established that a sleep deficit can have serious, far reaching effects on your health.
For example, interrupted or impaired sleep can:
  • Dramatically weaken your immune system
  • Accelerate tumor growth—tumors grow two to three times faster in laboratory animals with severe sleep dysfunctions
  • Cause a pre-diabetic state, making you feel hungry even if you've already eaten, which can wreak havoc on your weight
  • Seriously impair your memory; even a single night of poor sleep—meaning sleeping only 4 to 6 hours—can impact your ability to think clearly the next day
  • Impair your performance on physical or mental tasks, and decrease your problem solving ability
When your circadian rhythms are disrupted, your body produces less melatonin (a hormone AND an antioxidant) and has less ability to fight cancer, since melatonin helps suppress free radicals that can lead to cancer. This is why tumors grow faster when you sleep poorly.
Impaired sleep can also increase stress-related disorders, including:
  • Heart disease
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Constipation
  • Mood disorders like depression
Sleep deprivation prematurely ages you by interfering with your growth hormone production, normally released by your pituitary gland during deep sleep (and during certain types of exercise, such as Peak Fitness Technique). Growth hormone helps you look and feel younger.
One study has even shown that people with chronic insomnia have a three times greater risk of dying from any cause.
Lost sleep is lost forever, and persistent lack of sleep has a cumulative effect when it comes to disrupting your health. Poor sleep can make your life miserable, as most of you probably know.
The good news is, there are many natural techniques you can learn to restore your "sleep health."
Whether you have difficulty falling asleep, waking up too often, or feeling inadequately rested when you wake up in the morning—or maybe you simply want to improve the quality of your sleep—you are bound to find some relief from my tips and tricks below.

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