Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marijuana News?

I thought that Marijuana was safer than smoking and drinking. There has not been a report of overdose in marijuana right? Think of it that way. Yet I found an article that is kind of disturbing. Frequent and/or long-term marijuana use may significantly increase a man's risk of developing the most aggressive type of testicular cancer, according to a study by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The study results were published online Feb. 9 in the journal Cancer.The researchers found that being a marijuana smoker at the time of diagnosis was associated with a 70 percent increased risk of testicular cancer. The risk was particularly elevated (about twice that of those who never smoked marijuana) for those who used marijuana at least weekly and/or who had long-term exposure to the substance beginning in adolescence.

The results also suggested that the association with marijuana use might be limited to nonseminoma, a fast-growing testicular malignancy that tends to strike early, between ages 20 and 35, and accounts for about 40 percent of all testicular-cancer

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Blocked Enzyme Reverses Schizophrenia-like Symptoms

I think that Schizophrenia is a very bad disease, that worries me how you get it. My family friend was recently diagnosed with it, and had to quit being a police. Rest his soul. Schizophrenia is no joke. Researchers at MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory have found that inhibiting a key brain enzyme in mice reversed schizophrenia-like symptoms.The finding, reported in the March 20 issue of Cell, identified how a particular gene controls this brain enzyme. Better understanding of the relationship could lead to new drug treatments for schizophrenia, the severe brain disorder that affects about 1 percent of the population and is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, poor social and emotional functioning and disorganized thoughts.

The Picower research focused on a gene known as DISC1 (short for "disrupted in schizophrenia 1"), which was first identified in the 1990s by researchers studying the genetic makeup of a large Scottish family with mental and behavioral disorders. DISC1 has since been shown to help brain neuronal cells migrate to their correct positions and to help new neurons grow in the developing brain, but its role was not well understood.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slow down or Avoid Alzheimers

I'm sure of you all might now what Alzheimer's is. I think it's the saddest thing a person could ever get. Imagine your mother or father doesn't recognize who you are anymore? I remember watching "The Notebook", it was devastating because Allie had Alzheimer's. So I thought about it and I want to prevent it along with my other family members. It sad because there is no actual cure for Alzheimers.
The latest medical research suggests that the best hope for preventing or slowing down Alzheimer's is to adopt a lifestyle that includes the following:

Avoiding jarring your brain
Staying engaged in social activities with friends, family and others
Exercising your mind to keep your brain in tone
Eating a healthy diet and get regular exercise
Scientists are not yet sure how or why good health habits work to overcome a predisposition to Alzheimer's; and since we don’t fully understand the causes of this disease, we can’t be sure that everyone can avoid getting it. What we do know is that people can reduce some of their risk factors.

I told my parents to play more word games or games like sudoku )= haha It works!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Good ideas for Stress Relief

this entire might be very close to my last one but there seems to be alot of stress going around these days. I dont know about you but ive been pretty stressed out over almost everything. sometimes when im too stressed out or im so mad i dont know any other way to express my emotions but is to cry. which to me is fine.. a good cry ever now and then is a good thing. i was just wondering.. who else expresses themeslf this way?? cause i know i always hold things in and i dont share anything with anymore .. but once i do.. i feel like im being weak. dont ask me why but rthats just how i feel.. like im being weak and im putting my problems on someone else so that they can feel sorry for me. and thats not true at all i hate having the sympthany card. i dont want people to look at me and think.. ohh she cried last time so shes super sensative. im pretty sure thats just in my head and people arent really going to say that but i dont like showing that im weak. haha sounds dumb but its the truth.

so anyways i was reading this thin on msn. and it said.. that stress can add some body fat!! i was soo shocked ! sometiressing out ebcause of what ime ating.. so greeaatt if i already didnt have another thing to worry about. but yeah i just wanna to be more of a stressed free person so im trying my hardest to figure out ways to do that. i have so much stuff on my mind that sometimes even at night i find it so hard to sleep and i got to sleep at like 3 or 4 in the morning because im just thinking thinking thinking. nottt goodd.
soo for those out there that have the same problem i do please send me some comment on what works for you.. iknow when i go out and hangout with friend.. who dont really know whats going on i feel so much better because its not on my mind... all the time like it is if im at home.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Older Adults Control Emotions More Easily Than Young Adults

I know I may be a girl, but I have a really bad temper! Haha I'm still young so I guess I can't control my emotions as easily as older adults. I think I've had a lot of anger from the past, that when any little thing ticks me off now, I just explode. this also happens with my crying. It may be because I'm a girl and I have enraging hormonal effects in me because of mother nature's monthly time. The research study found that regulating emotions – such as reducing negative emotions or inhibiting unwanted thoughts – is a resource-demanding process that disrupts the ability of young adults to simultaneously or subsequently perform tasks.

"This study is among the first to demonstrate that the costs of emotion regulation vary across age groups," said Fredda Blanchard-Fields, chair of Georgia Tech's School of Psychology and the study's lead author.

The study – which included 72 young adults who were 20 to 30 years old and 72 adults who were 60 to 75 years old – was funded by the National Institutes of Health. It was conducted by Blanchard-Fields and Susanne Scheibe, a former postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech currently at Stanford University.

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Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm going to try and keep this as health related as possible.. the last two weeks have pretty much been like a roller coaster for me.. ups and downs.. sharp turns..etc. well i started to think how can someone feel soo sad yet be happy at the same time???

let me explain because I'm sure that doesn't make sense.. well the last two weeks have been filled with emotions for me.. my best friend was hospitalized and i was extremely worried, stressed out and scared and wanted her to come home ASAP! but around that time i started to date this new guy and everything was going so well.. (or so i thought). For the week my friend was in the hospital i hung out with my new friend the entire week and i had so much fun when i was with him .. yet i felt so terrible and sad for my friend.. i had MIXED EMOTIONS!!

I'm normally a stressed person anyways.. i stress out all the time which i know isn't good for me but i cant help it. so if you know me you can only imagine how i was during these past weeks. stress is something that most people don't really take all that seriously. i mean I'm not saying they just totally ignore it but stressing out isn't something we all try to control all that much.and we definitely don't realized what the consequences are until its too late.

the thing about me is that i stress out .. yet i keep it all in ( which Ive been told is worst) like i don't talk about whats making me mad or sad i just keep it inside and act like nothing is wrong, but if we know one thing is that everyone has there breaking point.. this past week i almost reached mine.

then i started to think .. Mann when I'm older( cause I'm 19 right now) I'm going to have some serious blood pressue issues. so i came up with a plan i can hopefully stick too.. instead of keeping everything inside like i have been i figured i can confided in someone that i absolutely trust and talk to them.. i know I'm not going to spill my guts or anything but i think if i can have someone that can relate to what I'm saying instead of me trying to figure and deal with everything on my own i can have a causal conversation and attempt to relate to something that one of my friends is also going through or has been through.. because lets face it no matter how different everyone is, all the problems are pretty much the same.

so instead of me trying to take everything on at one time i figured if i need help i can ask.( when i say help i mean as in someone too talk too > im pretty sure i can do this this.. well at least for the few couple times.. but if i can continue to do it i think in the long run it will all pay off.

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