Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Genetic Markers To Help Fight Diabetes Discovered

I'm so glad that I found this article, since my family is known for being diagnosed with diabetes. This is a very relieving article to just find some facts about genetic markers helping out to fight diabetes. This will help diabetic patients because this treatment will have fewer side-effects. That is an amazing break through. "We identified genetic variants that may predict how well someone will respond to the common anti-diabetes drug, Actos," said Dr. DiStefano, Director of TGen’s Diabetes, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases Division. "The implications of these findings include determining which patients will best respond to the drug for the prevention or treatment of diabetes. In addition, this work lays the foundation for personalized medicine for patients with this disease." -Science Daily. Of course,I hope that it works for most patients, because everyone is different. This treatment (along with millions of other kinds) may not work for everyone.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

The War Against Aids

It's a sad era dealing with diseases that are uncurable. It hurts to think that Aids are spread easily, yet I don't know anyone personally on who has them? This is an amazing breakthrough for people who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. "A discovery by a team of Canadian and American researchers could provide new ways to fight HIV-AIDS. According to a new study published in Nature Medicine, HIV-AIDS could be treated through a combination of targeted chemotherapy and current Highly Active Retroviral (HAART) treatments. This radical new therapy would make it possible to destroy both the viruses circulating in the body as well as those playing hide-and-seek in immune system cells." After many long years, there is finally something that could take away the bad in a body? If we could take away AIDS, then we could accomplish anything. People could fulfill their lives the way its supposed to.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stress Makes Your Hair Gray

Well this is an obvious sign. I knew that from the start. After reading this article, there seems to be more depth after it. I just believe that there anyone could prevent having gray hair if they would just chill out! Don't stress, and your chances of growing gray hair will become slim. Especially as you are growing older, you have a high chance that you will have gray hair when you are at a certain high level of stress. "Researchers have discovered that the kind of "genotoxic stress" that does damage to DNA depletes the melanocyte stem cells (MSCs) within hair follicles that are responsible for making those pigment-producing cells." If you guys want to read more on it click "Orignal Article". Interesting right?!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Being A Night Owl In High School Is Linked With Lower College GPA" -Science Daily

Hold a minute! I don't think that this is true at all. I transitioned from high school, to community college, to a university. From high school and community college, I was an average morning student. My grades were... average. Didn't try very hard. At my University, I took night classes, cause I had work during the day. I'm actually receiving a 4.0 GPA right now. I don't think that scientists should be studying something and make a huge ordeal about it. Everyone is different. People don't have the choice of being in morning classes. People have kids, job, and other priorities to finish off until they have to go to class. I'm not saying my situation is like everyone elses, but everyone is different. "Students who consider themselves to be evening types (that is someone who feels more alert and does their best work later in the day) have poorer sleep hygiene scores than morning and intermediate types. Sleep hygiene is the group of behaviors linked to good sleep and alertness. Examples include having a regular bedtime routine, a regular wake time, a regular bed time, and sleeping in a comfortable bed" -Sleep 2009

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Swine Flu

Does anyody think that the media is making the Swine flu bigger than it already is? I mean come on, not a lot of people died from it you know. Not yet actually. I mean , it is the beginning stage of the spreading virus. I think that the Swine Flu, can be very dangerous, yet the symptoms are a normal flu right? I am glad to see that scientists are making an effort to quickly develop a swine flu vaccine. Lord knows that we need to calm down people who are overreacting about the situation. I am worried about Mexico since that is where it originated from. "Scientists around the world are accelerating their efforts to develop a vaccine against the H1N1 influenza virus (Swine flu) as rapidly as possible, reports Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN). The need for such a vaccine received a strong impetus from the World Health Organization, which has issued a Phase 5 pandemic alert, a strong signal that the WHO believes a pandemic is imminent, according to the June 1 issue of Genetic Engineering" -Science Daily

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank God for Aspirin

Who would have thought that aspiring cures more than just headaches? I just read an article about how aspiring actually prevents strokes. I think that's a very good key to being healthy and staying alive. On the other hand, while it cures half of the people, it could probably lose its benefits for the other half. I'm glad to know this little detail though, but it aspirin might due the opposite for anyone. Every person is different. So before taking it, you should always check with your doctor. Don't DO it, because you'll want to prevent a stroke from happening. ScienceDaily says: A new study has shown that, while taking aspirin is beneficial in preventing heart attacks and strokes among people with established cardiovascular disease (secondary prevention), its benefits don’t clearly outweigh the risks in healthy people (primary prevention)."

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