Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1 in 4 U.S. girls received HPV Vaccines

HPV is the most common STI nect to HIV/AIDS. Yet it is not as known. Why is that? HPV could be cause for STI's or especially cervial cancer. I'm sure all of you guys have seen commercials on it, but haven't really done it. I think it's time that every woman should! The vaccine protects against strains of the virus that cause about 70 percent of cervical cancers. Health officials recommend that girls get the shots when they are 11 or 12, if possible, before they become sexually active. Also, age 11 is when kids are generally due for another round of vaccinations.

The survey only covered children in the 13-17 age range.

Vaccine proponents had been hoping for much higher vaccination rates, saying the shots could dramatically reduce the nearly 4,000 cervical cancer deaths that occur each year in the United States.

But many families are cautious about the safety of new vaccines, said Patti Gravitt, a Johns Hopkins University associate professor of epidemiology.

Other things about the vaccine may give some families pause. It is expensive, retailing for about $375, although many health insurers now cover it. And there are questions about whether it confers lifetime immunity or if a booster shot will be needed.

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