Monday, April 6, 2009

Heart Diseases

My friend passed away this weekend from heart conditions and had a seizure. I'm so sad that this happened. First off, it's completely shocking. I just want to know how this crap happened in the first place. He was the nicest guy you could possibly meet. So I decided to do a little investigated on heart problems. I'm not sure what he had, but it just makes me feel more aware about what kind of things he went through. With all of these high tech gadgets, I thought anything could save him. I'm just really depressed. But as humans age, the percentage of new heart cells decreases markedly. By age 25, renewal of heart cells gradually decrease from 1 percent turning over annually to .45 percent by the age of 75. About 50 percent of the heart cells a human is born with will regenerate during a lifetime.

Myocardial damage often results in chronic heart failure because of the loss and insufficient regeneration of heart cells. But this new finding may mean that patients, who have suffered myocardial damage as a result of a heart attack, may have some good news.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist Bruce Buchholz with colleagues from the Karolinska Institute, Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Lund University and Lund University Hospital, found that cells in a human heart can develop into adulthood and the age of heart cells is, on average, six years younger than the individual.

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