Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Cosmetic Surgery Appeals To Men, Women With Appearance-based Rejection Sensitivity"

"Researchers have found that men and women who feel sensitive to rejection based on their physical appearance are more likely to express interest in having cosmetic surgery than those who are less sensitive to appearance-based rejection. This effect is particularly true when people recall negative comments about their physical appearance." <----well duh! This was all common sense before. It's not like somebody who is confident will committ to doing plastic surgery. If they were confident in the first place, they didn't think that they would need to have cosmetic surgery. Like I honestly think those who get cosmetic surgery are most likely going to be more vulnerable in the future.. maybe they will never be satisfied? It's just not right to alternate what God gave you :/ Like foreal, how unnatureal can you get? That's so weird! =( I guess if that makes them happy, but this plastic barbie was already pretty to begin with.
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Anonymous said...

Oh!!!is cosmetic surgery appeals for men?