Thursday, July 23, 2009

Truth About Bottled Water

Okay, so I always had a habit of buying a pack or 2 of water bottles and leaving it in the back of my trunk. My mama always told me that it's bad to do that. Nope, I didn't listen. I thought it would come in handy if I ever needed water or if someone in the car needed water unexpectly. After reading this article about bottle water and how the heat can produce unwanted chemicals into the contents I now understand why. Gah, I've been doing this for about 2 years now. Should've listen to my mom when she told me so. "Pumpkin (yes she still calls me pumpkin even when I'm 20), it's bad for you to leave water in the high temperature you know that right?" Uh huh, yes mama. After reading this article I need to go home and hug my mom and tell her I should have listen!! No more leaving it in my trunk.
Turns out, when certain plastics are heated at a high temperature, chemicals from the plastics may leach into container’s contents. So there’s been a flurry of speculation recently as to whether the amounts of these chemicals are actually harmful, and whether this is even a concern when it comes to water bottles—which aren’t likely to be placed in boiling water or even a microwave. Small amounts of chemicals from PET water bottles such as antimony—a semi-metal that’s thought to be toxic in large doses—can accumulate the longer bottled water is stored in a hot environment. Which, of course, is probably a good reason to avoid storing bottled water in your garage for six months—or better yet, to just reach for tap instead.
I didn't even think drinking tap water would be better than drinking a brand new water bottle that's been sitting in the heat. From what my friend told me earlier, she said that not a lot of the water is really from tap. Some water bottles are actually tested clean (chemistry class). The reason why they are contaminated is because of the heat that caused the chemical to mix with the water. How could she not have told me this earlier? Oh wells, at least I learned my lesson now. No more leaving pack of water bottles in the car. No good, No good.

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