Monday, February 23, 2009

Left 4 Dead

So the other day i was out with my friend and he had a friend of his over too.
His friend as him if later on he wanted to go play left for dead for a little while. Again me being as video game aliterate as possible i asked what left 4 dead was and they both explained.( i have to give myself a little credit because i knew some of what they were talking about i figured they went to a place to play against each other just like ppl use to do with counterstrike)

anyways so it made me wonder. why arent there places out there for girls to go play or to get together and interact with each other?
hahaha after awhile i figured that was a pretty dumb question for me to ask and dropped it.
but back to my point Left 4 dead is someting my guy friend likes to do.. and to be honest i think its kinda cute because no matter how old a guy is ( in this case 21) he still enjoys going to play against his friends just like he did when they were younger.
And even though i have never played im always still willing to learn especially if its something that interested him.. but even if im never asked to play ( which is always no big deal) i know that when hes out there hes connecting with this little boy side. and like i said before its kinda cute :]

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