Monday, February 23, 2009

Pass The Salt Please?

Let me just get striaght to the point. I love salt, i add it to almost everything i eat( there are a few exceptions) but i just love the taste! i remember when i was little i would have to try and sneak some more salt in my food when my parents werent watching, because they would always say "you dont need that much" or "it already has salt in it" i hated hearing that. So when they would turn around or get up i would grab the slat shaker and try to put in as much as i could without them looking.( i got caught a few times but it was all worth it)

As i grew up i started to realize that all this storys my grandma and parents had told me werent just made up to scare me.Eating too much or too littel salt can have some serious health effects. Here are some of the Side effect for consuming too much salt.

Excess salt consumption has been linked to:

exercise-induced asthma.
osteoporosisGastric cancer (Stomach cancer)
hypertension (high blood pressure):
left ventricular hypertrophy (cardiac enlargement)
edema (BE: oedema):
duodenal ulcers and gastric ulcers

i was shocked to see of those effects on the list cause i would have never thought salt could kill you but apparently it can. again with all storys theres always two sides and too little amount of salt intake can cause other health issues as well.
such as.
muscle cramps, dizziness, or even an electrolyte disturbance, which can cause severe, even fatal, neurological problems.
Drinking too much water, with insufficient salt intake, puts a person at risk of water intoxication (hyponatremia). Salt is even sometimes used as a health aid, such as in treatment of dysautonomia.

SO after reading all of this i still have a LOVE of salt.
i guess now i just have to realized that sometimes i only need two shakes instead of three.

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