Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obesity Gene?

All my life I've never had to care about my weight. But It's hard because I may look skinny, but I an unhealthy inside full of sugar and all that bad containment. I gotta figure a way to feel better and not feel so sluggish about myself. but how bout the obesity people? how do they deal with feeling sluggish and not healthy. Most importantly they aren't doing anything about it! It is possible to pass this on to your children and they will become obese. The finding in an animal study suggests that blocking this gene could one day be a therapeutic strategy to reduce diet-related obesity and associated disorders, such as diabetes and liver damage, in humans.

The researchers found that a diet rich in fat induced production of this gene, called protein kinase C beta (PKC beta), in the fat cells of mice. These mice rapidly gained weight while eating a high-fat diet for 12 weeks.

On the other hand, mice genetically engineered to lack PKC beta gained relatively little weight and showed minimal health effects after eating the same high-fat diet.

In comparing the effects of the high-fat diet and a regular diet, the scientists found that mice fed the high-fat diet produced more PKC beta in their fat tissue than did mice eating a regular diet.

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