Monday, May 4, 2009

Earth Still Recovering from a Glacial Hangover

I know I know this isn't really about vitamins! but not to worry I'll still suggest some vitamins down at the bottom of this post. I just thought that this was really interesting. A new explanation for the cause of changes in the chemical makeup of the oceans through recent Earth history is put forward in a paper published in Nature. Scientists from the Universities of Southampton and Bristol suggest that adjustments in ocean chemistry through recent geological time are driven by variations in the intensity of chemical breakdown of continental rocks by rain and ground water. These changes are, in turn, controlled by the profound changes in the Earth's climate, and in particular the Ice Ages, that have occurred over the past 2-3 million years.On very long timescales – longer than hundreds of thousands of years – the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere represents a balance between that emitted as volcanic gases versus that the amount taken up by chemical weathering. The conventional view of the long-term evolution of Earth's climate is that chemical weathering and CO2 act together to thermostatically regulate the Earth's surface temperature. If for some reason atmospheric CO2 increases, the resulting higher temperatures cause greater chemical weathering, which acts to reduce the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere.

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